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WAT Webs will control, optimize and monitor your online search engine listings, review sites and social media, helping to improve your business’ SEO and image online. After cleaning up and claiming your profiles, your coaches will also help you drive reviews to listings in need. 

Initial strategy and cleanup

Where do you need help online?


Online Directories

WAT Webs can help you create/claim/clean up and optimize your online listings on leading directory sites like Yelp and, and on search engines like Google and Bing.

Google My Biz Listing

Reviews online begin and end with Google! We will help you claim and optimize your Google My Biz listing and maximize the features Google now offers built into your account.

Get New Reviews

WAT Webs can help you devise and execute a complete strategy to highlight and push new 5 star reviews to select search engine and online directory listings in need.


Hear what our customers have to say!

I approached Will to increase my search engine optimization (SEO) for my business. He quickly made my business the top return for search on all the major search engines. Will was incredibly professional, and the cost was very reasonable. Contract Will if you need your business easy to find on the internet!

Jeffrey Reger


Who’s managing my listings?

Meet your new Coaches!

The WAT Webs team is made up of  “Coach” Ashley and Will Temple. We will take care of you online making sure everything from your search and directory listings to popular review sites are up to date and optimized! Let us assist you in adding this important element to your digital marketing game plan!

Coach Will

Coach Will

Digital Marketing Specialist

Coach Ashley

Coach Ashley

Digital Marketing Specialist

 Gain control of your online game.
We can assist you!

 Interested in WAT Webs helping you control your reputation online? You can be certain Coach Will and Ashley will help lead your small business to victory! Send us a message using this form or start a ®Facebook chat session today by clicking the blue button! You can also start a live chat session with us by clicking the messenger button.

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