How to disable comments on your WordPress website

If you use WordPress for a website then you know that the blog feature is built into the CMS by default. However, if you are not using the blog, unwanted comments containing spam and pingbacks can be frustrating to manage. This happens as each page or post you create or media you upload has it’s own comments area built in by default.

Find out how to remove comments below ↓

You need the Disable Comments plugin

If you’re not using posts and the blog feature, you can choose to just disable comments all together helping you avoid the clean up necessary when your site is experiencing this type activity.  We use the “Disable Comments” plugin for some of our clients to accomplish this. As you can see below, you can easily choose to hide comments everywhere or, as we did in this scenario, hide them on posts, pages, or media.

Find out more about this awesome plugin on it’s webpage here:

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