Google Marketing Services

Google Marketing Services

Wat Webs in Smithfield, NC provides Google marketing services to small businesses locally and nationwide. Our services on the world's #1 used search engine include Google Adwords, Google My Business Listings (GMB), Analytics and local SEO.  Much like other digital companies, Google is changing all the time, tweaking it's search and maps algorithms and now adding new features to it's GMB portfolio. It takes partnering with someone like us just to keep pace! Wat Webs employs Adwords certified specialist Will Temple and he is  ready to help you rise to the top in search rank!  Let’s partner up to help your business succeed on Google!

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I approached Will to increase my search engine optimization (SEO) for my business. He quickly made my business the top return for search on all the major search engines. Will was incredibly professional, and the cost was very reasonable. Contract Will if you need your business easy to find on the internet!
Jeffrey Reger Business Owner/Entrepreneur

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Google owns 71% of the search market share. (

Google Adwords with Will Temple

Wat Webs' certified Adwords marketer Will Temple can help you prepare and execute campaigns that help accomplish your business goals on Google. After ironing out your objective(s) and targeted audience, we can decide which options within the Google Ads portfolio best fit your goals. We will handle everything from campaign settings and keyword research to developing the ad groups, writing the ad copy and designing the landing pages. Whether you want to gather leads from Search,  drive awareness and leads using the display network, generate sales for your e-commerce site, or incorporate retargeting ads, Wat Webs is here for you!


I took advantage of Will's free ad campaign setup promo and boy am I glad I did! Great communication and results from Google Adwords! After closing jobs from leads generated on my budget only campaign, we have since continued to work together and expand our agreements.
Carl MillerStructure Pros
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Google Adwords Stats:

  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. (Unbounce)
  • The average click through rate for an ad in the first position is 7.94%. An average click through rate is 2%. (AccuraCast)
  • The average cost per click in AdWords across all industries is $2.69 for search and $0.63 for display.
  • The legal industry has one of the highest avg. CPC's on Google but also one of the highest conversion %'s.

Google My Business Listings

Wat Webs' can help you create or claim and optimize your local Google business listings (Maps listing) helping you improve your local SEO in Google search.

Did you know? Google offers pretty awesome stats reporting on your Google listing.. for FREE. For example, claiming your listing will allow you to view how many calls your listing is generating each month. Most recently, Google has allowed posts to your Google listing. Wow! The posts show up right from your listing in search, allowing you the ability to provide news updates or promotional information with an image.. But wait, that's not it! Finally, we're all to familiar with reviews and ratings, but did you know you can respond to reviews on Google? Controlling your listings will allow you (or Wat Webs) to monitor and respond to your reviews on the world's largest search engine showing your current and potential clients you are on the ball!

Ready to get started with GMB?  Call/Text us at 919-437-7398 or email us. 

Do you have multiple locations? We can help you claim each one giving you the opportunity to add store numbers, layout different settings for each location such as different hours or services at each location.

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GMB Facts:

  • Claiming your business listings allows you to easily monitor and respond to reviews!
  • You can now make posts to your Google listings!
  • Did you know Google search now has Q&A functional on it's business listings. Keep an eye on it!