Facebook Ads Campaigns

Wat Webs’ online marketers specialize in Facebook Ads campaigns for our clients. Of all the social media profiles, we have experienced the most activity on Facebook. Over the years, Facebook has been moved to tweak their “News Feed” access to account for the vast number of business facebook pages that have been created. Basically, if Facebook showed every post from every business their users would be inundated with this type of information instead of posts from their friends. The end result is that Facebook has drastically cut the amount of organic fans you can reach with a post from your page. We have observed reach fluctuating anywhere from around 3 to 5% to 10% of your fanbase on a post without any  likes, comments or shares. Of course, the more a post is engaged with, the more people you can reach.facebook ads campaigns

Nowadays on Facebook, we feel you have to budget a certain amount of ad dollars to be successful using this social media. If you want to reach your entire fanbase you’ve generated or reach new fans on Facebook, you will need to take advantage of these Facebook Ads to do so. Good news is that the Facebook team has created Ads that are very effective at accomplishing your goals. For instance, once you set an ad to generate new fans, they do all the leg work finding them and the majority of the time these campaigns are very successful. The Cost Per Fan changes based on the relevancy of the Ad but new fans can be obtained at less than .50 cents a person!

There are several options of ads to choose from including, but not limited to:

  1. New Likes
  2. Promoted Posts
  3. Newsfeed and Sidebar Ads (Custom Ad Texts)
  4. Carousel Ads (3 to 5 pics linking out to a webpage)
  5. Video Ads

There are a few steps to running these ad campaigns that we recommend:

  1. What do you want to accomplish with these ads? ( New fans?, Clicks to website?, etc.)
  2. Figure out who you’d like to reach and where these people are located. (Men, Women, Expecting Parents, etc.)
  3. What are some interests of these people? (Hunting, Fishing, Fashion, Business, etc.)